Spread the Vax Facts

Amelie worked with the Colorado Department of Human Services to help dispel the many myths surrounding vaccinations and guide parents to the best decision for their children.

Every day, hesitant parents sift through mass amounts of misinformation about vaccines spread by celebrities, unreliable websites, and even their own Facebook friends. These false claims disseminate as rapidly as the diseases themselves. And unvaccinated children are most affected. It’s time to put an end to it. It’s time to prove that vaccines are safer than people think. It’s time to spread the vax facts.


We set out to create a credible source to provide hesitant parents with the facts on why vaccinations are safe. With the help of medical experts, we created a microsite that cuts through the confusion and minimizes the perceived risk of vaccination. On it, we featured scientific data instead of celebrity opinions, providing parents with a trustworthy resource, all in the name of doing what is best for the child.


The campaign garnered 4,272,650 impressions with a CTR of 0.51%, which is 6x greater than the healthcare industry standard.