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Dangerous Combinations

Amelie worked with the Colorado Department of Transportation to create a campaign designed to show just how dangerous driving high is in the new marijuana-legalized world.

In 2014, Colorado became the first state to legalize the purchase and consumption of marijuana. Two years later, marijuana-related traffic crashes and DUIs were on the rise.


We focused on sending a simple and honest message: driving high is dangerous and illegal. To get people to stop in their tracks, we created a 28-foot tall, 3-D marijuana joint out of a crashed car, which was accompanied by an OOH board and video featuring a striking visual of a car rolled up into a joint to drive home our messages.

We complemented these efforts with a unique pre-roll spot. As marijuana impairs reaction time, we created a spot that required viewers to have quick reaction time in order to catch the “skip ad” button. The button moved all around the screen and while viewers tried hard to catch it, they couldn’t. In the end, we taught them that reaction time is important and that if you’re high, don’t drive.


The campaign generated 17,457,763 total impressions and was featured in The Denver Post, USA Today, and many more local publications.

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