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From the Pros


Addiction and suicide rates have been on the rise in recent years and have disproportionately affected young athletes. Mental health and substance use can be lessened or even avoided when young athletes have loved ones who understand and support their goals, can recognize when something might be wrong, reach out and maintain strong lines of communication. But, how do we address a sensitive topic in a way that resonates with youth and their parents?


Professional coaches and former athletes know the kind of stress teenage performers go through. What’s better than advice from the pros? Pros that grew up in Ohio, the same back yard as our young athletes. These folks are in a unique position to speak to our most important audience, young Ohio athletes. As adults, they can speak peer-to-peer with parents, and as successful professionals and former athletes in their fields, they can speak to teens participating in competitive sports.

This campaign uses professional athletes from Franklin County to help us craft messages tailored to parents and students across high school sports Championships. We bolstered quotes and advice from professional athletes in arenas around the county where athletic competitions take place. Additionally, we branded a unique microsite where students and parents can explore more in-depth information on how to manage stress, avoid harmful coping mechanisms, and deal with their emotions from the pro.

Visit website here.

Results (Before/After):

From the Pros succeeded in raising awareness of mental health and substance use prevention by spreading messages of hope from professional coaches and athletes, appearing in Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide arena, Lower.com Field and the Schottenstein Center.

It captured the attention of over 60,000 young athletes and loved ones at high school championships taking place in sporting arenas across Franklin County.