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Give Trucks More Room

Amélie worked with the Colorado State Patrol to increase awareness of aggressive driving behavior around large commercial vehicles, and to decrease the number of fatalities and accidents between cars and trucks.

Every year across the country, over 3,500 deaths and 100,000 injuries result from unsafe driving behavior involving semi-trucks and cars. Cars are responsible for ⅔ of all collisions between cars and semi-trucks.

A pre-campaign survey demonstrated that drivers don’t allow nearly enough car lengths between them when passing cars with the majority of people allowing less than three car lengths. Let’s just say following too closely is commonplace. We had to get people to recognize their unsafe driving behavior and ultimately, change it.


We identified our primary target and created a persona—a typical mid-twenties male commuter who considers himself a “good driver”, but in reality is a menace.

We went with a straight-talk approach and created a graphic, bold and memorable campaign that leveraged language familiar to our target. And with that, we stayed away from scare tactics. The show-stealer was a larger-than-life, spectacular 3D billboard displaying the disastrous consequences of tailgating semi-trucks.


The installation of the 3D billboard was covered widely on Denver media and garnered international industry attention. The spectacular billboard alone earned an estimated 5x more in impressions and media coverage than what it cost to design and produce.