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I Matter

Amélie worked with the Behavioral Health Administration to brand and promote a program that provides free therapy for youth.

One in four teens in the U.S.has reported a pandemic-related decline in mental health. In June 2021, the Colorado state legislature passed a bill that established a program to provide free behavioral health sessions to all youth statewide. Amélie was tasked with spreading the word about this critical initiative to both youth and trusted adults in their lives.


During times of stress, youth turn to friends to confide in and solicit advice. There’s power in the solidarity of seeing yourself in others, and it’s a moment for youth to understand they aren’t alone in the way they feel. With the I Matter campaign, we incorporated the power of peers by using a first-person voice in copy and eye-catching visuals of a diverse set of characters to ensure all youth could identify with the campaign.

Colorado’s youth absolutely matter—I Matter reassures young people they aren’t alone with their feelings and that help is available for their mental health. I Matter, informed by input from a youth advisory board, was also transcreated into Spanish.

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Results (Before/After):

I Matter, as a first-of-its-kind program, has already made a difference in the lives of thousands of Colorado young people, and has garnered national attention.

  • Over 10,000 youth have signed up for free therapy sessions through I Matter since the start of the program.
  • Since launch, the campaign has garnered over 837 million earned media impressions, including national coverage.
  • Over 670K campaign materials have been ordered by schools and community organizations since the launch of the campaign to promote the program in their communities

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