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Responsibility Grows Here

Amélie worked with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to provide four distinct audiences with the guidelines they need to consume marijuana safely.

With the legalization of marijuana, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment tasked us with empowering all Coloradans to act responsibly when it comes to retail marijuana. We needed to educate, provide resources, and inspiration to prevent underage use, and also help pregnant or breastfeeding women understand the risks associated with marijuana use.


We created “Responsibility Grows Here,” a brand platform for the public education initiative consisting of four separate campaigns, each targeting a specific audience.

The youth-focused campaign,“Find Your Moment,” delivered messages about how underage marijuana use can get in the way of pursuing their passions. We spoke to the things they loved, rather than just telling them what to do. For the user-focused campaign, we created a fictional spokesperson, “Meg the Budtender,” who talks to Colorado adult residents and tourists through a variety of mediums about all the ins and outs of safe consumption. A third campaign, called “Your Words Have Power,” reached out to trusted adults, such as parents, coaches and teachers, reiterating the importance of their voices and the impact they have on young peoples’ decisions to not use marijuana underage. Finally, we launched a new mom-focused campaign that promotes educational messages on the negative health effects of using marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Responsibility Grows Here.


Responsibility Grows Here has been helping drive awareness of Colorado’s retail cannabis laws and regulations for three years, and continues to successfully achieve our clients’ goals. To date, the campaign has:

  •  Driven 4,011,922 sessions to the website*
  • Garnered 18,224,902 impressions
  • Reached 741,701 Coloradans aged 21–34
  • Achieved 2,170,263 likes, reactions, comments, and shares
  • 1.73% overall click-through rate (CTR)
  • Over half a million Colorado women (aged 15-34) were exposed to pregnant and breastfeeding messaging via Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

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