Cavities Get Around

Cavities Get Around



Delta Dental and Amélie teamed up over the last five years to combat a silent epidemic: tooth decay, the #1 chronic disease affecting children.



The obvious approach of brushing awareness was merely covering up the larger systemic issue of sugary beverage consumption. The campaign used the behavior change model to move the target audience from awareness of the sugar in juice to adoption of new proposed beverage consumption behaviors.



Prior to the 2016/2017 campaign, research showed the belief that juice is healthy dropped 29 points since the start of the campaign. Armed with that news, the campaign set out to move the audience from awareness to action. The action was to substitute juice with water between meals and especially before bedtime.



Since 2014, water consumption is up 100%, juice consumption is down 47% and the perception that juice is healthy is down 55%. Most importantly, cavities among our target audience are down 26%!