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Good For You

Amélie worked with long-time client Colorado Department of Human Services, Behavioral Health Administration to create, Good For You, a mental well-being campaign that aims to cut through the noise and help Coloradans with simple tips to move past languishing and manage their mental well-being on a daily basis. Visit Website

In the wake of COVID 19 and back-to-back “unprecedented historical events,” Coloradans have been overloaded with the same mental wellness tips. Yet, the New York Times is still reporting on the prevalence of languishing. The neglected middle child of mental well-being is not hopelessness, depression, or a lack of energy but rather a lack of things to look forward to, accompanied by a sense of stagnation and emptiness. CDHS-BHA tasked Amelie with creating a campaign that got the Coloradans’ attention and helped address their mental well-being. But how do you curtail languishing when we all might scream if someone tells us we just need to take more walks? We think it’s all about the delivery. 


We have been inundated with annoying but valid mental health tips. Good For You supplies people with the same valuable information in a format that can wake them up. We needed something fresh, something cheeky, something unexpected. With a little mischievous misdirection, the Good For You tips arm Coloradans with simple yet effective strategies to help them thrive again while they chuckle along with the joke.


The campaign is still in market but garnered more than 6.3 million impressions in the first month.