A History of Good Works

Amélie Company has enjoyed strong and steady growth in its 15 years – including during tough recession years. In fact, those recession years were integral to shaping the agency that exists today. In 2008, Amélie won the communication duties for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Working with the public sector not only helped financially shelter our agency, but also confirmed for us the important role that communications plays in doing good in the community.

Amélie’s safety awareness and education work for CDOT helped the agency win non-profit clients such as the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation whose mission is to prevent childhood tooth decay. Other initiatives include reducing car theft with Coloradans Against Auto Theft and stopping the spread of HIV with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Recently, the agency has also become the leading agency in marijuana education, safety and prevention campaigns.Amélie now proudly states its mission is to work with brands, causes and initiatives that strive to make a positive impact in people’s lives. This mission isn’t a marketing gimmick or clever sales tool, but rather a purpose that attracts the best and brightest in our industry. And it doesn’t exclude for-profit clients. Positive, social impact can be the mission of corporations and companies as well as associations and foundations.

A constant within Amélie’s walls is the conviction that our famélie members are making a difference in their community each and every day. That difference isn’t measured in bottom lines but in lives saved, children helped or communities improved; it truly makes Amélie a place where passion meets mission. We don’t claim to have a stress-free environment, but rather an environment that rewards us with the satisfaction of helping others.

We work exclusively with those who share similar values to ours, in addition to providing real results. This translates into a more than five-year average client tenure. We also like to think our success is largely due to the passion we put into each initiative. While Amélie, like any other agency, is mindful of its bottom line, we are proof that a greater purpose can drive a successful agency.


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