Team Event: Responsiveness!

Creativity. Humility. Quality. Responsiveness. These are the four values that Amélie strives to embody. What better way to pay tribute to them than by holding awesome quarterly team events? You know, the kind of events where you actually have fun hanging out with your coworkers instead of practicing trust falls and talking about feelings.

This time around we decided to celebrate Responsiveness! In an ever-changing world where impact and performance can often be gauged in real time, the ability to be nimble and responsive is incredibly important to us.

Team Responsiveness organized a day of fun for the entire famélie. Staff was divided into four groups of mixed departments that then ran around RiNo and completed several timed challenges – all while solving pretend “client emergencies.” One team’s billboard fell on a nest of endangered baby foxes, another team had a huge, public – or should we say pubic – printing error, the third team dealt with a vicious Twitter hack and the last team managed to give everyone at their fabulous launch party a bad case of food poisoning.

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

Challenge 4:

Challenge 5: