Saving the World While Making a Buck


While most clothing companies try to cut corners wherever possible, Patagonia goes above and beyond to make sure their products do not cause harm to people or the environment. From paying all workers fairly, to buying sustainable materials, to operating buildings that use renewable energy, Patagonia’s business practices reflect their company values. Their commitment to society and the environment sets them apart from other retailers, and as a result they attract a loyal customer base that trusts them to produce quality products that do not harm the environment that they use them in.

Arrow Electronics

Sometimes the advancement of technology can seem as scary as a Black Mirror episode, but often technology can be used to better our society. Arrow Electronics is a global company that produces products for commercial and industrial use, and their CSR programs aim to shape a better tomorrow. Arrow works with business partners and nonprofits around the world on humanitarian projects and innovative programs. They select transformational projects that help people and the communities in which Arrow works. It is a business strategy that gives them a competitive advantage and strengthens Arrow’s reputation as an industry leader.


Since the day they launched, TOMS has been committed to giving back. Originally just a shoe company, their One for One program promised that for every pair of shoes sold, a pair was given to someone in need. Over the years TOMS has expanded not only what they sell, but also what they give. Now when you purchase eyewear you give sight, when you purchase coffee you give clean water and when you purchase a bag you give a safe birth kit that helps a mother deliver her baby safely. TOMS is dedicated to operating in a manner consistent with their brand values, and demonstrates how lives can be improved through their business. Their customers know that by purchasing something from TOMS they will live out their brand values.


You know almost every professional has a polished LinkedIn profile, but did you know the company itself practices CSR? One Friday each month the company’s employees participate in “InDay.” InDay’s purpose is to give back to the community through employee volunteerism and resources. LinkedIn also encourages their employees to not use cars for commuting. All their buildings are near public transportation, and they provide bicycles for anyone to use. Offering paid volunteer hours and implementing environmental sustainability practices also helps LinkedIn attract the talent they need for success.

CSR is not only for huge corporations, smaller companies can make it part of their business model too. Amelie’s greater good mission attracts the best and brightest in our industry and serves as a beacon for like-minded organizations. While these efforts aren’t always measured by the bottom line, our experience has shown that the efforts encompassed by the CSR programs mentioned in this post can certainly build brand equity. Let’s talk about what good works we can do together. Contact us!