We’re Amélie, and we believe
in the power of good.

We’re a full-service agency of deep thinkers and difference makers. But we’re more than just do-gooders. We know that making the world a better place can also make people and businesses exponentially more successful. In today’s fast-paced climate, clients are expected to do more. Companies are expected to be more. We exist to accelerate that process. By stopping people in their tracks, capturing their imaginations and hitting them where they live, we create ripples that become a sea of changes. We do it for people and for public health and safety initiatives. And we do it for private businesses who have bottom lines to think about. Feel free to reach out. Stop by and say hi. We’ll make believers out of you, too.

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Behavior Change
Is Our Secret Sauce.

Making a positive impact in the world doesn’t mean creating something that simply resonates, engages, or makes people chuckle. It’s not a momentary thing. It’s about affecting real change. It’s about actually changing hearts and minds. People and their perceptions. Predispositions. We pride ourselves on our ability to make a difference in the way people think, whether it’s about products, their own health, or the safety and well being of their loved ones. We’re empathy-driven marketers who’ve taken a page from behavior change and developed our own secret sauce. By understanding what makes people tick, we Vulcan-mindmeld strategy and creativity to positively motivate people to make better decisions. Driving decisions. Eating decisions. Purchase decisions. Decisions that make contributions to a happier life. Voila.

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