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Psyched To Climb

Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children's Hospital Colorado asked Amélie to provide a branding identity package for their cause driven cycling organization, Team Psyched To Climb (PTC).

Team Psyched to Climb raises awareness and funds to improve the mental health outcomes of Colorado’s youth and families. Through the recreation of cycling, Team PTC unifies the community and educates others on the solutions to providing better resources for families and kids in need of proper mental health assistance. Amélie Company built a branding identity package to grow their recognition and maximize the success of their cause-based endeavors.


To connect with the cycling demographic, our creative team absorbed aesthetics and messaging strategies across various athletic platforms. Once familiarized with modern trends, we looked to PTC’s preferences and altruistic traits to aggregate various unique brand looks and voices. Because the butterfly was an existing symbol utilized by Team PTC’s past branding efforts, we looked to disguise the butterfly and other symbolic items to mental health as various components of a bicycle. By using a subjective, ‘more than meets the eye’ logo strategy, we were able to go beyond standard team logos and deliver options that were complex in concept, but simple and recognizable to the viewer. Because Team PTC is more than just a cycling team, it was apt to equip the team with a multifaceted brand appearance and personality. 

Key elements included a brand identity suite (logo, patterns, uniform, situational brand voices), website and social messaging, marketing materials, and guidance for future communications.


While we don’t have traditional campaign metrics or KPI’s to prove success, our Team PTC client now has branding assets to grow their following and participation to ultimately increase their success rate in raising awareness and funds for PMHI.

Client Response: 

“[Your work] is such a gift to us all on the Psyched to Climb team. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!” Anne Hanson, Philanthropy Director, Children’s Hospital Colorado 

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for our team and our mission. I am beyond grateful and completely blown away by the fabulousness of all your work.” Katey Driscoll, Attending Psychologist, Children’s Hospital Colorado

“I am blown away by how well you took the skeletal information that we provided and created such a creative, powerful, succinct package! Still get goose bumps just thinking about it!  It was so evident that you genuinely understood our objectives. I am so excited about how much better we are going to articulate and communicate ourselves going forward.”  Lydia Woodard, PTC Co-Captain