Live Life Outside

Amelie worked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to get people to think about conservation differently, smaller to be exact. We wielded the power of simple design to get people to take notice.

Amelie was tasked with extending CPW’s existing campaign, “Live Life Outside”. We needed to get more Coloradans to understand and care about conservation, a word that means many things to many people. So we leaned into simple tips instead of lofty definitions.


We recommended a messaging platform that separated itself from typical nature campaigns. Asking our audience to “conserve” Colorado’s gorgeous landscape sounded like a big ask. So we took a step back, then two steps closer, realizing that conservation can start small, with stuff like respecting stuff directly underfoot. Hey, you just stepped in mama’s moss.


This campaign is currently live and running through Spring 2020 with results to come. So, the jury is still out hiking, biking, camping and glamping, and hopefully thinking a little more about the littlest things.