Keep It Up

Amélie worked with Arapahoe County to encourage its residents to continue practicing health and safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. We found an immediate solution to the local emergency in under 2 weeks, concepting amidst a pandemic, while working from home.

After months of restrictions and regulations to prevent the spread of COVID Arapahoe County residents were starting to feel the fatigue. Their hands were raw from washing and they missed their families even as COVID cases began to surge once again.


Amélie knew that the residents of Arapahoe County knew what to do to prevent the spread of COVID, they just needed a little extra encouragement. Enter, the Keep It Up campaign encouraging residents to keep up their COVID safety measures to keep COVID cases down.


The campaign is still in market, but after just two weeks our ads have:

Paid Media

  • Been served over 1.1M times
  • Yielded 2.3K clicks from users

Social Media

  • Achieved a 2.1% CTR; more than double the industry average
  • Driven 4.6% of all people who saw an ad to click-through to the COVID landing page for more information
  • Developed an overwhelming amount of user engagement and positive sentiment for the campaign
  • Been adopted by both Douglas County and Tri-County Health (as well as countless municipalities)—tripling the campaign’s exposure