FCK Addiction

Amelie worked with Franklin County Public Health to help those suffering from opioid addiction, an epidemic that’s been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. We found an immediate solution to the local emergency in under 2 weeks, concepting amidst a pandemic, while working from home.

Franklin County is located in the heart of Ohio, a state that ranks in the top 5 for opioid deaths in the United States. The past 2 months have seen unprecedented overdose surges in Franklin County due to feelings of despair coupled with inaccurate assumptions that typical care resources are not currently unavailable.


We launched the first phase of the “FCK Addiction” (Franklin County Kicks Addiction) campaign, which seeks to command awareness around the opioid epidemic in Franklin County and informs residents that free NARCAN—a life-saving, overdose reversal drug—is available online at the click of a button.


The results are in:

  • FCK Addiction ads are outpacing the platform benchmark by threefold
  • In just two weeks we’ve been able to expose 22% of all Franklin County residents to FCK Addiction messaging via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 
  • Users who’ve engaged with our ad creative have spent a collective seven hours and forty minutes browsing the FCK Addiction landing page from within their app.