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Insurance is not everyone’s favorite topic and that’s not just true for patients. Providers, who understand insurance better than the rest of us, described a long standing program called Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment, or EPSDT, as a spider web of confusion. Our challenge was two-fold, untangle the web to make it clear what benefits members were missing out on and educate providers on how to navigate getting services covered for their patients. Bonus challenge? Make a fun and engaging video about insurance!


At the beginning of any custom animation project, we build out a black and white storyboard of our script. This is as close of a frame-by-frame depiction of what a client can expect to see when final illustration and motion is applied. From here, we get client sign-off to move into full color illustration of our video which goes through another round of client approval. Once we have that, we will get to work making everything move in an engaging and captivating way.


We spoke to several Medicaid members and providers to better understand the issue. After learning that EPSDT was a program that was available to all Medicaid members 20 and under that covered a wide range of benefits, we found that we really just needed to give them that extra push to “just ask.” By informing both the members and providers on what exactly EPSDT was through two short, digestible videos – one for providers and one for members – we opened a door for a two-way conversation to bring back important benefits for pediatric healthcare.


The campaign is still in market, but we’ve received these compliments from our client, “Friendly tone, good writing, great branding. Hits the right notes.”