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Emotional Support Human

Amélie worked with the Horizon Foundation to take on the heavy stigma that surrounds mental health issues. We focused on unleashing the immense power that follows when humans are there for one another.

Many Howard County, Maryland community members weren’t receiving mental health care until their symptoms had escalated to an emergency. The stigma of being called “crazy” or “mentally unstable” was hard to overcome. Amelie was tasked with creating a messaging platform aimed at removing the stigma surrounding mental health.


We created a campaign based on humans being a support system for those going through tough times. The Emotional Support Human campaign aims to tap into the pre-existing goodwill between people and animals, and the unconditional love humans get from them. If only other humans could support each other like that. Right?


We leveraged social platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to distribute Emotional Support Human messaging to three separate audiences. Our main KPI drove clicks to the Emotional Support Human landing page. This campaign garnered 5,226,320 total impressions, with a reach of 378,671 and 16,164 clicks (0.31% CTR). This campaign beat our impression goal by 638,265 impressions, achieving 24% added value. This totals $6,383 in media spend! Dawww, good humans!