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Amélie and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) set out on the important mission of normalizing the use of breathalyzers to keep Coloradans safe behind the wheel.

In 2018, CDOT launched a program to help reduce impaired driving and DUIs by incentivizing the purchase of breathalyzers.  Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, BACtrack breathalyzers were offered at an unprecedented 50% discount for Colorado residents.  Amélie was asked to create a messaging platform that made our audience think twice before getting behind the wheel and consider a breathalyzer a valuable tool, instead of a societal judgement.


Through research, we found most impaired drivers were either misinformed or uninformed about the amount of alcohol it takes to legally impair them. We weren’t necessarily talking to binge drinkers and habitual drunk drivers, so we identified our true audience and embraced them with a campaign based on strange decisions people sometimes make when they’re havin’ a few.


We normalized the concept of breathalyzer use beyond law enforcement by reminding Coloradans to do one smart thing, “Breathalyze Before You Drive.” Our campaign led to 1.4k breathalyzer sales. What’s more, we increased CDOT’s Facebook reach (+28%) and impressions (+29%) over the previous year, despite having a lower overall spend (-17%) on the platform.