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CDE Assessment Video

Amèlie worked with the Colorado Department of Education to demonstrate the importance of standardized testing in public schools. We started by examining the fears parents might have and addressing them directly through a friendly, approachable animation.

Standardized tests get a negative rap. So much that parents across Colorado are opting their children out from taking the CMAS ( Colorado Measures of Academic Success) test. What they don’t realize they miss out on when opting their children out is a snapshot of the academic progress they have made and how that compares to the state’s academic standards. Schools are also rated based on their cumulative CMAS scores, when you check out schools in neighborhoods across the state, the rankings you often see are made up of these scores. Opting your children out from taking the CMAS test not only emits your ability as a parent to have another source of visibility to their academic progress, but also the ability to accurately evaluate schools across Colorado.


At the beginning of the animation process, we built out a storyboard to refine the narrative and pacing. This storyboard was constructed in grayscale to sell in before moving on to color. With the subject matter and audience in mind, our animator dreamt up a fun and engaging character to walk us through the video. This character was brought to life with a blend of digital animation techniques to ensure each movement was expressive and suited to the overall tone of the video.


We want parents to be able to understand the benefit of their children participating in CMAS testing and break through the noise of any misconceptions that are out there about the assessment. Through the use of animation, we take parents through a journey in a :30s video to understand the importance of having their kid participate in CMAS. We use engaging motion graphics to stress the benefit of participating in CMAS and show the value to the parent when evaluating their child’s academic progress as well as their school, district, and the rest of the state.


The video will be shared on the Colorado Department of Education’s organic channels as well as other parent communications in 2024. Results still TBD.