Cavities Get Around

Amelie worked with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation to drastically reduce the number of cavities in kids’ teeth by changing the way Coloradans viewed their kids’ dental health.

Tooth decay was a silent epidemic among kids, particularly in Colorado’s lower-income households. We also discovered that the Latino community had cultural differences and deeply ingrained beliefs that steered them away from tap water and toward sugary drinks. We needed to shift the way Coloradans were thinking. The work we did gave everyone something to smile about.


We launched a two-phase multimedia approach. First, we focused on overcoming the belief that fruit juice is healthy, especially the concentrated sugary kind readily available. Next, we focused on earning trust in Colorado’s fluoride-rich tap water. This one-two punch netted impressive results, without knocking out any innocent teeth in process.


781 million lifetime impressions, 222 million earned media impressions, a whopping 21% decrease in cavities for all kindergartners in Colorado, plus a 47% drop in juice consumption. Perhaps most importantly, we tapped into a 100% increase in water consumption among our target audience. This all may not have been great for the juice companies, but was great for baby teeth in Colorado.

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