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Beware of the Beltless

Amélie worked with the Colorado Department of Transportation to get people to buckle up. We called upon those who already wear their seat belts effectively to help us.

Colorado is one of few states without a primary seatbelt law. As a result, it experiences a disproportionate number of seat belt-related deaths per year. One common misconception contributing to the high fatality rate is that as long as you’re buckled up, you’re safe. However, you are 40% more likely to be hurt or killed in a crash if you have an unbuckled passenger in your car.


Armed with this knowledge, we chose to target those who already buckle up and urged them to spread the word when they have passengers in their car. The campaign leveraged awareness and engagement-focused tactics, including several shocking ambient pieces and experiential stunts to get our audience to buckle up.

In year two, we partnered with Lyft to give customers a ride they wouldn’t forget. Cue the lifeguard Lyft driver. There’s not much for him to do in the winter months, so he continues to guard lives by moonlighting as a Denver Lyft driver, encouraging people to buckle up. But a SoCal shark spotter wasn’t the only unexpected aspect of the ride, as he shared shocking statistics about seat belt use in Colorado throughout the fare.


Seat belt usage improved by 2.5% in 2018 after three years of decline—the first improvement since 2015. We’re just going to leave that right there.

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