So you’re a purpose-driven brand. Or would like to be.

Congratulations. You have completed the first step in a rewarding journey. Not only do purpose-driven communications make you feel good about your brand, they also make your consumer feel good about your brand. And when consumers feel good about your brand they are more likely to interact with it. Now the real fun begins.

See, we’re not the only ones who think so. Let us explain further.

Brands with a higher sense of purpose grow twice as fast as those with a lower sense of purpose

If you asked around ten years ago if a company’s ethos made a difference in a consumer’s purchase decision, ten out of ten marketers would have chimed in with a resounding, “NO!” But the climate has shifted for the better and brands are paying attention to these new consumer expectations. Not only is it creating more positive brand affinity, it is also creating more engagement, sales and profits.

High 175%
Medium 86%
Low 70%

 *12 years brand value growth – Brand Z
Kantar Purpose 2020 Report

After nearly two decades of media buying on behalf of a variety of clients, the difference is clear. We are able to negotiate better rates, added-value and editorial coverage for clients whose message serves a higher purpose. The difference equates to an average of 30% more bang for our clients’ media buck.

Most times it’s not good to be a follower. We’re going to give you a pass on this one though. 232 out of the largest 250 companies believe that it is important to be socially responsible as a company. And because companies with a high sense of purpose grow faster than those without, it’s no surprise to see them occupying the top spots.

*Double the Donation Research

64% of consumers choose, switch, avoid or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues.

*2018 Edelman Earned Brand Study

78% of Americans believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money.

*2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study

69% of consumers under 25 prefer brands that stand up for what they believe in.

*2017 Brand Love and Ad Nausea report

Purpose-driven Roadmap

Is your category or brand ready for belief-driven buyers? What messages matter most to your consumers? Do people consider your brand purpose-driven? Can you get your stakeholders onboard? We’ll create an actionable roadmap, fueled by research, for your brand communications to change your consumers’ buying behavior.

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Brand Perception

Your brand is how consumers perceive it. If you aren’t currently perceived as making a positive impact, we’ll help you reframe your narrative. This includes how your brand’s “Purpose” can add a fifth dimension to your 4 P’s.

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Consumer Behavior Change

Consumer expectations of sustainable brands vary by category, demographics and many other factors. We’ll work to align your brand communications with those expectations. Moving your consumers from being unaware of your brand ethos to being a brand advocate is our forte.

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Analysis and Tracking

Doing the right thing is a long-term investment and you should get the most out of it. We’ll track your brand’s perception over time and tie it to key metrics, proving that doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive.

We believe that conscientious capitalism will save the day. We believe that Purpose and Profit can coexist. And we believe that by using our creative talents for these forces of good, we will be able to positively impact communities, society and the world.

We are a full-service creative shop that wants to take on a specific project: Bringing out your brand’s inner goodness.