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Before You Go, Know

When it comes to a few casual drinks, many people do not know their limit. This summer, CDOT partnered with BACtrack to promote the use of personal breathalyzers. The Before You Go, Know campaign offered a promo code that could be used to purchase a BACtrack breathalyzer at a 20% discount. The promotion raised awareness on the importance of knowing your BAC before driving, and provided a simple, portable solution for individuals to learn their level before getting behind the wheel.

One of the main factors that made these partnerships successful is that CDOT only partnered with reputable brands. It’s important to know how your audience views the brands you partner with, and that the brands have similar values. For example, see Lego’s partnership with Shell for a match gone wrong: It resulted in a lot of backlash for environmental reasons, so much that they terminated it. It’s important to do your homework and make sure both brands benefit from the partnership and that their missions are aligned.

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