Looking to increase ride frequency and preference for their service, Lyft asked us to help them create a partnership program that would benefit both partners and riders.


We recognized that Lyft didn’t have to just be a means of transportation. They could connect their riders with new ideas for their night out, new experiences, new places and discounts as well. And they could do this through a mutual benefit partnership program that they were in a very unique position to create.


Together, we created, “Boost,” a new program that served as the connective tissue between riders and their destination. Partners can sign up on boostbylyft.com with a unique offer, deal or experience for patrons. All the riders have to do is choose from the list of partners, show up in a Lyft and reap the benefits. Creating a value exchange for all parties helped Lyft become more than just a ride sharing company.


60 partners and counting are now participating in Boost.

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