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Did you know that Lyft is a 100% carbon-neutral company? Or that they have partnered with nonprofits to help deliver groceries in food deserts? Many of their riders, or potential riders, did not. We helped Lyft highlight their purpose-driven mission and gain some positive brand affinity.


Lyft’s good deeds don’t always present themselves in their most well-known assets, their rides. So we found a way for them to help their community with an issue plaguing Colorado roadways: driving under the influence of marijuana.


Enter the 320 Movement, a campaign encouraging marijuana users to plan a ride before they got high. Launched on 4/20, the well-known cannabis enthusiast’s holiday, Lyft offered deeply discounted rides as part of a partnership with CDOT. Armed with a fleet of wrapped vehicles, Lyft drove stoners and brand preference.

Pedestrian Safety Tactics: OOH, radio, social, nontraditional and digital


Ridership spiked around the holiday and has contributed to Lyft’s growth rate being twice as fast as the rival rideshare company that we shall not speak of.

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