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On average, 77 people are arrested for DUI in Colorado every day with nearly one-third of traffic fatalities alcohol-related. Furthermore, 70% of males, ages 21-35 believe they are safe to drive after one to two drinks according to a 2015 CDOT survey.


Our insight came in the form of 70% of males, ages 21-35 believing they are safe to drive after one to two drinks (according to a 2015 CDOT survey). We developed “A Few Brews” to educate them that even a few drinks can, in fact, impair their ability to drive.


To break the social norm of driving after having “just a few” drinks, we created a fake brewery tour with one catch, a drinking tour bus driver. As the driver mingled with brewery tour goers, not one of the participants seemed concerned that he was drinking and driving. We then revealed that the driver had been drinking non-alcoholic beer but the guide was drinking real beers. When the group was shown the tour guide’s blood alcohol content (BAC), they saw what “just a few” could do – the tour guide was well over the legal limit to drive.


In just 2 weeks, the targeted video had over 243,000 views and 850 quality shares. Most of those shares came with a personal message encouraging their friends not to drink and drive. Many of them were tagged with loved ones they wanted to watch the video. The campaign also earned 19 earned media stories in broadcast, print and online publications garnering nearly 3.5 million impressions. The most important result is that DUI arrests dropped approximately 1.4% from the previous year.

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