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AAA Colorado is known as “the roadside guys” for their vehicle roadside assistance, but many are unaware that AAA also offers a wide variety of other services and benefits. AAA asked us to help them increase awareness of their product offerings while appealing to a younger demographic.


By leaning into what AAA was already known for, roadside assistance, we were able to surprise our target audience with ‘new to them’ product offerings. The use of humor as part of a new brand personality helped to speak to younger audiences that saw AAA as “their parents’ auto club.”


To increase awareness of the unbelievable perks of membership, we developed pre-roll, broadcast, digital radio and digital banner ads.

AAA Tactics: digital radio, TV, social, preroll, digital and native ads


The “AAA is Unbelievable” campaign helped AAA Colorado appeal to a younger audience. But the younger target audience wasn’t the only one to take notice. AAA’s in other states have inquired about and used the campaign in their own neck of the woods. Now that’s Unbelievable.

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