Media Buying Services at Amélie Co.

This integration allows us to couple creative development with media strategy development, allowing for synergistic and effective campaigns. Thus, there is no disconnect between the message we develop and the editorial context in which it is delivered. This method is especially critical for our “behavior-change,” non-profit clients who often rely on smaller budgets to achieve their ambitious goals.

It starts during the creative briefing, where strategic planning results are presented to both creative and media teams simultaneously. Like a member of the creative team, a media planner, PR or social media expert also benefits from research conducted on target audiences, new behavior trends and the competitive environment.

Because media planning is not only about impression management and cost per thousand optimizations, but also about engagement, we recommend setting up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure daily message efficiency. Our in-house ad server, Doubleclick Campaign Manager, allows us to monitor performance in real-time and change messages accordingly, something infinitely easier to accomplish with the creative team sitting at the next desk.

Finally, Amélie’s paid media team has been trained to guarantee 100% delivery of contracted impressions. We have the responsibility to create maximum exposure for our clients’ budgets, especially when they’re financed by public money. If you pay for one million impressions, the final campaign report will show a minimum of one million impressions delivered, added value not included.

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