(There is a catch)

Given everything happening in the world right now, you might have a hard time believing what we’re about to tell you.

We have an opening. Yep, you read it right, friends.

As a purpose-driven agency that prides itself on creative problem-solving, our world has changed but our reason for being hasn’t. We’re all about solving problems and now we’re hoping to solve two problems in one post. 

We’re looking to put a creative who may have been displaced from their full-time job to work for us as a creative leader. 

And in doing so, it’s our hope that a small handful of potential candidates get a good night’s sleep, and a glimmer of hope that they can perhaps stay in the market they love. 

Amélians are standing by to pore over candidates in hopes of finding a (preferably) local ACD/AD or CD/AD to join our ranks and help lead us into the future, whatever that future might be. 

A full-time employee with all the perks. 

We’re looking for an ACD/AD to help us weather the perfect sh*tstorm and move us into the new normal. A gig with bennies and a fair salary and an ergonomic chair and all that good stuff, working for an agency that has spent almost twenty years giving a damn about people, the planet, and proving that “profit” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. 

While an entire industry of unemployed people is freaking out, binge-watching 90-Day Bride, reinventing themselves for the next “new normal,” waiting for their stimulus checks, hunting for two-ply (any brand will do), having groceries delivered to their doorsteps, melting the numbers off their credit cards from extreme overuse, and positioning themselves to be the next answer to industry problems that haven’t even happened yet, we have an opportunity.


But there is a catch.


We want to hook someone who really needs and appreciates it. Someone who loves Denver or Boulder like their own child. This town is all of our babies, we figure. So let’s rebuild it with the people who made it what it was. 

Simply put, we have a feeling that the new normal is going to need more human beings like you, and us.

See our agency job posting for deets and to submit your work.

Until we blog again, thanks for reading.