We’ve all been getting creative with our time at home, and many people are using it to work on themselves. Amélie is no different. We’ve spent the last few months reinventing our look (among other things, of course) using the best tool we have—Amélie’s awesome in-house talent.

We’ve worked tirelessly from home to reestablish how we present ourselves to the world. The result? A new website with an elevated aesthetic that speaks to our capabilities as a pioneer in creativity and purpose-driven work.

While we don’t believe in judging a book by its cover, we realized that our previous site didn’t reflect who Amélie is as an agency today. We have a rich 18-year history of bringing sophisticated, modern thinking to our clients, and our digital footprint just didn’t quite convey that.

From the start of the project, we treated ourselves like we treat our clients—with a discerning, objective eye with a focus on growth, collaboration and problem solving.

As an agency, we took stock of what was and wasn’t working on our behalf and asked ourselves the tough questions: Who is Amélie? Why do we exist? Who do we aspire to be? What are we most proud of? How do we leverage our expertise to strutt our stuff?

Through our process, we identified the point of differentiation we want to celebrate—that we are purpose-driven and have a fundamental belief that the power of communication can (and should) make the world better.

This notion has been core to the Amélie brand from day one, we just needed a better way to shout it from the rooftops (or homepage, rather). Our commitment to championing initiatives that make a positive impact in the world is a primary reason many of us choose to spend countless hours together each week—we’re determined to use our craft for good.

Once we solidified what needed to be conveyed externally, we began refreshing our visual identity to shine a spotlight on our values and capabilities. Built completely in-house from the ground up, we opted for a site that features an intuitive UX experience, and incorporates modern simplicity with a nod to our past with accent colors that have been a staple of the Amélie brand since the beginning.

The clean and simple approach to the new site allows Amélie’s mission to shine through—showcasing our breadth of work and the good we’ve accomplished as an agency. Each campaign is given the space and kudos it deserves while also directly conveying what we’re capable of and what makes Amélie, well, Amélie.

As an agency, our founding principals and goals haven’t changed. But, we are on a never-ending path of self-improvement and reflection that requires a healthy amount of constructive self-criticism.

This is only the beginning. And damn, do we look good (if we do say so ourselves).

Laura Underwood
Director, Growth & Marketing