A New Look at Amélie

To match the brand’s new look and feel, we’ve set out to create a more modern interior while honoring our building’s 100 year history.

Through four planned phases, we’re bringing the crisp, clean feel of our distinctive white and blue branding to our walls with a fresh coat of paint, beautiful portfolio work framed on our exposed brick, and beetle kill pine slats refurbished and hung as accents. The bonus? The not-just-for-the-holidays subtle scent of pine fills the agency year-round.

While our 20-foot ceilings (we’re not complaining) and long, narrow layout present some design challenges when creating a functional workspace, we’ve embraced these characteristics with an open mind and open floor plan.

To further encourage collaboration and spontaneity, we trimmed down the walls that separated our teams and reorganized furniture to better accommodate our growing fAmélie. And while we love our open, shared space, we also need quiet, reflective areas for conference calls and meetings. To that end, we’re repurposing some existing offices and the mezzanine to inspire writing, creating and concepting. Look for a new welcoming reception area as well.

Things that are forever at Amélie? Our amazing pinball machine, the ping pong – we mean – meeting table, the iconic red phone booth, and our team’s zest for all things creative.

It took a lot of work to get Amélie to the place it is and the team it has today. With these changes, we’re motivated to build the foundation today for a stronger and even more productive Amélie of tomorrow.