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Available Position: Creative Director

First things first. No nincompoops or primadonnas. Seriously, it’s a bonafide deal-breaker. We don’t care who you are, where you’ve been, or how many lions you’ve bagged. If you don’t treat people right, we reserve the right to block your calls.

What we are looking for is an energetic Creative Director who has an art direction or design background and is preferably a digital native, which will make you the perfect right-hand compliment to our left-handed Chief Creative Mentor, a writer by trade with a strong orientation towards team-building and a philosophy that thrives on mentorship, in both directions — giving and receiving it.

We work hard to maintain a work-life balance but at the end of the day, we understand that we’re in a service industry. You should, too. Half-day Fridays are nice and we try to hand them out as much as possible during the summer months, but the work and our clients come first.

As Creative Director, you’d be second in command, with potential for upward growth if you play your hand right. So let’s talk about how to play your hand.

The word deftly comes to mind.

  • You’ll need to be a strong brand steward with a penchant for doing kickass work as often as humanly possible. 
  • Your focus will be on inspiring, creating, and curating high-caliber work that is equal parts strategic and creative, while collaborating with our strategy and account teams as well as integrating with social and digital departments. 
  • You’ll need to present work with passion and conviction, and be willing to defend it on all fronts. 
  • You’ll need to be able to hit well to all fields and take ownership of all pitch decks. 

But it’s not just enough that you’re a forward-thinker with proven multi-channel chops.

You also need to be adept and willing to share your art direction, design, and conceptual voodoo with other members of the agency. You’ll derive personal satisfaction from helping others elevate their thinking beyond adding to your own personal trophy collection, not that there’s a damn thing wrong with trophy collections. We’ve amassed trophies ourselves but to be honest, making a difference in the real world means more to us than shiny objects.

That said, a smattering of impressive accolades for your previous work is also on our list. As is an equal measure of tenacity and talent. If you’re ill-equipped on either front, move quickly in the opposite direction. Adios.

Other important “musts:”

  • You must teach, mentor, and coach art directors without assassinating their passion.
  • You must be able to provide clear and actionable feedback to writers without causing saltwater mutinies.
  • You must interface well with other departments and not rain on anyone’s parade. 
  • You must be able to lose with grace, win with humility, and not be an insufferable glory hog.
  • You must be able to deploy staff appropriately and remain cool under pressure.
  • You must possess a firm grasp of contemporary design and have the kind of work in your portfolio that makes us jealous.  

If this sounds a lot like somebody besides you, trust your instincts. If on the other hand, it feels a lot like the creative person you’ve become, let’s take the next step.

Send us your stuff, and we’ll put you under the microscope. If we like what we see, you’ll be hearing from us.

If not, thanks for indulging us.



Amélie Company offers competitive salary, benefits and an exceptional work environment. All applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S.

Please send resume, cover letter, and any relevant work to Please include in your email where you found this job posting.

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