Amélie Company Removes “Crappy” from the Holidays

And to all a good flush.

This year, Amélie found a way to remove crappy from the holidays and make them truly happy. Here at Amélie, we do things in our own unique way and this includes holiday gifting. Each year, instead of giving our clients a fruit basket or a bottle of wine, we gift with a purpose. This holiday season, our agency made a donation on our clients’ behalf to the Beloved Community Village in RiNo. Specifically, this donation will pay the village’s toilet servicing bill for the next 12 months.

The Tiny Home Community is very deserving of our donation. It is located only a few blocks from Amélie’s office, and it provides a safe place for people experiencing homelessness in Denver. To tell our clients about their charitable gift, we sent a candle set in an au naturel Aspen tree holder. We hope every time they light this candle in their restroom they will be reminded of how they helped meet a basic human need that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. From bathroom to bathroom, we are making sure no one has a crappy holiday.

From All of Us at Amélie,

Have a Purposeful and Happy Holiday!

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