An Introduction to Integrated Campaign Strategy

No advertising is the single silver bullet to slay your marketing vampire or werewolf. In fact, you need a whole clip, and you need to spread those bullets. To shoot only once is the fatal mistake of any C rate movie. You sit on your hands and watch as the helpless victim approaches the thought-to-be-dead vampire, only to have the vampire rise at the last second.

The same could be said for advertising. To make sure your advertising gets results expect the unexpected, plan out the journey and give that vampire the good old double tap – make sure your advertising sinks in.

Today you have traditional, digital and non-traditional media along with a plethora of other possibilities and sub-possibilities to use. The reality is that no single medium is the catch-all. To identify the best mix, think about the customer’s journey through your advertising. Consider it like this:

  1. TV/Radio – Generates awareness of your brand/product
  2. Billboard – Lends credibility to your brand through its permanence
  3. PR/News – Credibility through the validation by news anchors and influencers
  4. Digital Banners & Social Media – Subtle queues that should motivate the next step
  5. Website – A well fashioned website tells people you mean business
  6. Results – The funnel brings consumers to convert

Think proactive and safe, put all those silver bullets into the vampire, and then you analyze your results in safety. From those results, you can prepare for each subsequent campaign with greater efficiency. Happy hunting.