1. We Should All Embrace AI

It might not be easy to admit, but there are some things robots can do better than us. Sure, using artificial intelligence can seem impersonal, but in reality it gives us more time to make our marketing more personal. Brands have started embracing AI, letting it sift and analyze through data in a way a human never could. AI has the ability to hone in on your customer’s journey and create a more custom experience. When marketers let AI do the busy work, it gives them more time to be creative and the freedom to try new things.

4. You Don’t Own Your Social Followers

Having a lot of followers on your social profiles can feel great, but you do not own them and their data – the social platform does. You’ve probably heard the saying “you can’t build a house on rented land.” So, find ways to gather information from your followers that you can own, like an email address list, that can be used for future marketing. Lead generation ads, special sales and contests are a great way to obtain this type of information on social media. Many of your followers will not see your organic content, and having another way of nurturing the relationship through targeting is definitely in your favor.

2. Videos Are Not As Time Consuming As You Think

Did you know that eighty percent of people recall a video ad they’ve viewed in the past 30 days. Videos are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression. A lot of marketers think they do not have the resources to create one, but it’s not as costly and time consuming as you might think. Affordable stock photos or user-generated content (UGC) can be utilized, as well as free music. You can also repurpose existing creative for a video. Do not get intimidated thinking video has to be long – in fact shorter videos perform best on social. If you have a specific goal and call to action (CTA) that can be conveyed in a simple video, go for it!

5. You Can See Success in Facebook’s New Algorithm

While it’s true that organic reach on Facebook is in major decline, there are several ways you can get around the new algorithm. The platform wants your business, and wants content that makes people stay on platform for longer periods of time. Native video, and especially live videos, will get more reach than a post that links away from the platform. Also, posts that ignite conversations will be prioritized, and if you respond to every comment you will make the engagement number higher, obtaining even more reach. Lastly, you can create special group pages for your super fans that give them access to special content and deals. Facebook prioritizes groups over pages, and fans who are part of your group are much more likely to see updates.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Repurpose Old Content

There’s a lot of pressure to only create new and unique content for your fans. In reality, it’s not the best way to go about promoting your brand. Just because something has been posted before does not mean it should never see the light of day again. Marketers should audit their posts and determine which ones can be used again. Whether it’s tweaking a blog, editing a video, or just boosting an older successful post, you have lots of opportunities to bring old content back to life. Many brands have seen huge success by repurposing content that originally performed well, sometimes seeing it perform even better the second time.