Proud to be PrEPPED

Proud to be PrEPPED



Although HIV may seem like old news, new cases have increased in Colorado and in many states. A revolutionary new drug called PrEP, an acronym for “pre-exposure prophylactic,” provides near total (97%) protection from HIV infection.


Our hyper-targeted communications strategy aimed to saturate the core audience, while avoiding those outside of our audience, to raise awareness and inquiries about PrEP.


The Proud to be PrEPped campaign features real life, up-close-and-VERY-personal stories from core target audience members in both English and Spanish. Executions include an anthem video, personal video stories, endemic digital media, print, online and ambient tactics such as the Wall of Pride at the annual Gay Pride parade–all driving to a custom, branded website.


Hyper-targeting netted a mobile CTR 8 times the industry standard and the icing on the cake was a comment from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):
“Public health issues such as HIV need more campaigns like Proud to be PrEPped to help raise awareness and increase access to life-saving treatments.”