Click It or Ticket Ambient

Simply buckling up could have saved 60 Coloradans in 2016. To show what this number means, CDOT and Amélie created 60 reflective yellow memorial wreaths and placed them one after another on Bandimere Speedway. We gathered footage of the installation and created a video that included an interview with CDOT’s traffic safety manager who pointed out that the seat belt usage rate in Colorado is 84%, well below the national average. Holger Forrest also spoke out for seat belt safety as his family lost their daughter last year in a car accident. Had she been wearing her seat belt she would have lived. To push our efforts out even further, we turned seat belts into awareness ribbons. We overlaid the seat belt ribbon onto photos of severely wrecked cars and pushed them out on social. The drivers and passengers of these cars all survived the crashes because they were wearing their seat belts. This campaign helped prove to people that seat belts make survivors.