Before You Go, Know

When it comes to driving after a few casual drinks, can someone really know their limit, or are they merely basing that decision on a guess? In a push to encourage personal breathalyzer use, Amélie and CDOT put the accuracy of such guessing to question. We filmed an on-field stunt called Ballpark Guess during a professional baseball game, where we asked the stadium to guess whether a fan was sober enough to drive based on what he’d had to eat and drink during the game. We then live-tested that guess with a personal breathalyzer. And the ballpark guessed wrong. Fans then stepped up and put their own BAC guesses to the test, with similar results. Ultimately, we demonstrated the value of knowing one’s BAC to an entire ballpark, and beyond. We subsequently created a video of the stunt, and used traditional media like billboards and bus queens to push the message Before You Go, Know.