A Few Brews

On average, 77 people are arrested for DUI in Colorado every day with nearly one third of traffic fatalities alcohol-related. Furthermore, 70% of males, ages 21-35 believe they are safe to drive after one to two drinks according to a 2015 CDOT survey. Amelie Company developed “A Few Can Be Dangerous” to educate Coloradans that even a few drinks can in fact impair their ability to drive.

To drive home the message further, we conducted a social experiment under the guise of a brewery tour company. Paid actors escorted unsuspecting brewery tour participants to three breweries in Denver over the course of three hours. The tour’s van driver pretended to consume alcohol at each stop along with the tour. As he mingled with brewery tour goers, not one of the participants seemed concerned that he was drinking and driving. In the end, it is revealed that the driver was drinking non-alcoholic beer.