Puffer Products

“Puffer Week” occurs every year in the month of January — a statewide educational and enforcement week aiming to inform the public about the risks, dangers and, most recently, heightened crime associated with auto theft, specifically “puffer cars” (vehicles left running unattended). In partnership with Coloradans Against Auto Theft and Colorado Auto Theft Investigators, we designed a social media campaign to remind people that it’s easy to not get your car stolen.
To catch attention, we created posts that feature a line of fake, over-the-top products that could be used to deter thieves. Things like a glovebox beehive starter kit, litterbox scented air “freshners,” novelty car boot and a clown mannequin. Bottomline? It doesn’t have to be this difficult: just don’t leave your car running while you’re not in it. Check out more of the campaign on Facebook.