Team Event: Creativity!

Team Creativity surprised the office with a day of mystery

Amélie Co

Creativity is one of the four key values Amélie Company is built on: It’s our creativity that takes our ideas and brings them to life. Every quarter we hold a team event that switches things up for a day to celebrate one of these key values. This quarter, Team Creativity came up with a day of mystery that tested our creative thinking!

Mission 1: Distract the Team

In order to make the home office ready for the surprise event, everyone needed to leave the office. Everyone walked over to Blake Street Tavern to grab a drink and had no idea what they awaited them after.

Amélie Company Murder Mystery

Mission 2: Roleplay

When the team arrived back at the office, it was transformed into a 1920’s speakeasy, with actors from the Murder Mystery Co. running the joint. A few lucky guys and dolls got assigned a character to play, and everything was going just swell until the owner of the speakeasy was suddenly murdered! Now we had to find out who the culprit was.

Amélie Company Murder Mystery Co.

Mission 3: Become Detectives

Characters teamed up to question the other suspects, using plenty of bribes to get information out of them. Was it the indebted playboy? The owner’s secret lover? The bootlegging milkman? Many suspects had a good reason to look guilty, but there was only one true murderer!

Amélie Company Solving the Case

Mission 4: Solve the Mystery

After gathering as much information as possible, everyone had the chance to guess whodunit. Once the verdicts were in, the Murder Mystery Co. gave out awards for best actor/actress, the team whose detective skills came in dead last place (don’t quit those day jobs, guys), and of course, the winning team. Most of us thought it was lover or the playboy, but the true murderer was Big Eric, who wanted to be the new mob boss and speakeasy owner. Congrats to team Bugsy Bunnies for unraveling the case!

Amélie Company Solves the Case

Who knew murder could be so fun? We had a great time being creative with our famélie! Want to join in next time? Check out our current career opportunities.