Home Run! Amélie Values Round Bases at “The Fifty”

Amélie Company honored with 4 of the top 50 ideas in Colorado in 2016!

Amélie Co

As an agency, there are four core values that embody us. Humility, responsiveness, creativity, and quality are reflected in the work we create with our clients. These values helped us develop four pieces of work that were nominated to Denver Ad Club’s “The Fifty.” Here we describe how each piece reflects an Amélie value and how these values shape our creative work, client relationships, and our agency as a whole.

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, “The Truth Behind the Label” :: Humility

Orange Juice is full of sugar

Part of our definition of humility includes accepting that, “the only path to improvement is by listening and learning, challenging ourselves and accepting necessary changes.” As such, we listened, learned, and challenged ourselves in order to better understand our audience. It was critical that we remain humble in order to learn from our audience and be conscious of their daily routines. In each scene (morning, soccer game, and night), we aimed to introduce water as a substitute for juice. Humility helped us put ourselves in the shoes of the target audience and more accurately relate to their experience.

CDOT, Motorcycle Operator Safety Training “Ride Wise” :: Responsiveness

Drugged driving campaign from CDOT, Lyft and Amelie

“In a perpetually changing world, where impact and performance can often be gauged in real time, the ability to be nimble and responsive is integral to both the inner and outer workings of our agency.” This responsiveness to the world around us and to our given parameters are what guided this particular piece of work. Creative Director, Pat Feehery explains, “In response to a smaller than anticipated budget, we found a way to achieve our goals by writing, directing and designing all aspects of this campaign in-house.” We responded to client needs and constraints without compromising quality.

Coloradans Against Auto Theft, “Clown” :: Creativity

CAAT "Clown"

“This is where we differentiate ourselves by breaking the norms, exploring new paths and surprising our target audiences.” The idea of clowns being scary is nothing new. In fact, it’s inherent. But using clowns as a method of auto-theft protection? That exemplifies our creativity. Even though auto theft is no joke, the ease at which you can prevent it is almost laughable. We played off of this notion to create a ridiculous alternative to simply locking your car. Humor is but one manifestation of our creativity.

CDOT, “Dangerous Combinations” :: Quality

The “Dangerous Combinations” campaign was a lesson in quality. “We found the right partners to create amazing quality executions–animators, digital artists, and sculptors,” explains Feehery. “We aimed to create the best quality piece we could, and we weren’t satisfied with a job well done. ‘Well done’ is dry, flavorless and, most unforgivably, safe. We continuously push our clients and ourselves to achieve better quality.”

Each of these pieces offered challenges and opportunities for us to apply our fAmélie values. We are grateful to have been nominated to The Fifty and look forward to walking the walk, hand in hand with our values and our creative work for years to come.